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Preparing your child for nursery

You may have some concerns about your child finding their first few days at nursery somewhat unsettling, please​ rest assured our nursery staff are experienced at helping you and your child settle into the Dovecote family.

We have a very gentle settling in policy, where there is no pressure put on the children. From the very start, our main focus is that the children are happy and feel settled in their new environment.

In the weeks prior to your child joining Dovecote, talk to them about the new experience they are about to embark on, mentioning all the new and exciting things they will be doing.

We will ensure there is a two-way relationship between you and the nursery. We request that you provide us with details of your child’s requirements and preferences prior to their first visit.

This means that their teacher will be equipped with the knowledge to ensure they can welcome and settle your child into nursery life with all the information you have provided.

Dovecote operates an open door policy. Should you wish to come and spend some time in the nursery with your little one, you are always welcome.

Your first day at Dovecote

We will spend quality time getting to know your child on their first day, providing relaxed opportunities for them to choose what they play with, getting to know their personality as well as their likes and dislikes.

Try not to be anxious about leaving your child with us if he or she is crying. Our staff are experienced in helping new children who are adjusting to their new surroundings and have many gentle strategies to help them.

We are always happy to arrange extra settling-in sessions if we feel these would be beneficial.

We recommend that your child stays for 45 minutes to an hour at the nursery in their first couple of days. A shorter introduction to the the nursery will facilitate the settling in process and your child will leave happy and look forward to coming back to us the following day.

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