Dovecote Method

We are passionate about allowing children the time and space to explore at their own pace.

We follow the EYFS and our core values: Support and Nurture, Inspire Creativity, Think Visually and be Extraordinary.

We believe our children are capable learners, so we empower and give them the opportunities to thrive, think visually and use the environment as their teacher.

Dovecote Nursery follows an approved structure and curriculum providing carefully planned activities to ensure that the children learn while having fun. A range of languages are spoken by our staff with the emphasis firmly on English as the language of tuition.

Kindness is the foundation of the Dovecote nursery community and a quality that all Dovecote children, teachers and parents hold.

The Dovecote Kindness Code is introduced to the children from their first day at nursery school and encouraged throughout their journey with us.

  • We are kind to our friends.
  • We help look after our friends, teachers and family.
  • We play gently with our friends and invite new friends to play.
  • We share toys and books at school.
  • We wait our turn at school.
  • We all keep our classrooms nice and tidy.
  • When we need help, we ask a teacher.
  • We say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’
  • We look after each other when we play outside.
  • We all join in at tidy up time.
  • We listen to our friends at circle time.


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